Ethical Marketing Audits

We have been working with Ethical Marketing News, the number one Ethical Marketing site in the world to create what we believe is the world’s first Ethical Marketing Audit. In a world with a media obsessed with fake news it is becoming more and more important that your marketing is seen as honest and accurate. We want to give companies a way to show that their marketing is ethical and that they are looking to be more responsible with how they market themselves and their products.

What is an Ethical Marketing Audit?

An Ethical Marketing Audit is a way to show people that the marketing you do is ethical, that you are honest in what you do with your marketing strategy, and that you are trying to market in a responsible way. We will look over your marketing and evaluate your brand consistency, ethical placement of ads, and many other things which could benefit your marketing.

What we will do

We will come and speak to your marketing department and look over your most recent campaigns, and evaluate your marketing with a strong focus on ethics and responsibility, we will check for facts where we can, go over your supply chains, and look at where and how you are doing your marketing. We will work with you on looking over the following:

Consistency of Brand: We will look to check that your branding is consistent, honest and that it showcases you throughout your advertising and marketing. We will look at past and current campaigns to see that they match up and that you have a defined message you are conveying.

Who?: Who are you targeting, what are your processes for working out your target audience, is your targetting ethical – there are ethical issues with the way certain brands are marketed towards certain groups of people.

Why?: What is your brand message, is it consistent and ethical.

How?: How you approach your marketing, what you need to look at and how you are doing it.

Where?: Where do you market, are there more ethical ways you could do it, and how does it work within the brand message.

When?: When are you marketing, how often are you sending out messages

Accessibility: Social Media, SEO and Digital Marketing, and how you can maximise that ethically.

What the audit contains

We will look at various aspects as mentioned above as well as including diversity, inclusivity, how you choose your market, your supply chain, how you work with charities or your local community, your honesty and your environmental credentials.

What you get

At the end of the process, if you pass the audit,  we hope to be able to certify you as Ethically Marketing Sound, and give you a certificate to prove that your marketing reaches the standards we have set in conjunction with Ethical Marketing News. If you do not pass the audit we can work with you on ways in which you can improve.

In a world in which how you present yourself is beginning to matter more and more, we feel showcasing that your marketing is sound and ethical helps to show that you are a trustworthy business and that your marketing can be trusted, that what you are saying within your marketing is honest and that you are making a positive impact.


Prices for each audit will be based on business size and breadth and scale of campaigns. If you are a small business who just wants some advice we can also provide this on an ad-hoc basis without committing to a full audit. Our average estimate would be around £500-£750, for a two day audit, but this would depend on the business so please get in touch for a quote, or just a chat about your requirements on: