Ethical Marketing News

Ethical Marketing News

We started Ethical Marketing News in February 2017. When we were setting up SM Marketing as an ethical marketing business I started to look around for more information on ethical marketing campaigns and companies. We were amazed to discover there isn’t really any specific ethical marketing resources.

Stuart Mitchell, Marketing director of SM Marketing said: “When I wanted to set up SM Marketing as an ethical marketing concern, I started to look around fo information on ethical marketing, and ethical marketing campaigns. It’s always nice to be inspired by others, and I found very little, as I couldn’t find a resource I decided to start my own. My original degree was in Publishing, so I though it might be nice to try and use some of those skills again. The feedback from throughout the industry so far has been incredible.”

Ethical Marketing News went live in late February 2017 and by the end of March had over 5,000 unique views and over 1,200 twitter followers. The feedback so far from within the industry has been phenomenal with positive feedback and support from some of the biggest Marketing Agencies in the world.

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