Phoenix Club Crowdfunder Ends Successfully Smashing Original Total

Phoenix Club Crowdfunder Ends Successfully Smashing Original Total

We are pleased to announce that the Crowdfunder we were running for the Phoenix Club in Aberdeen has ended and thanks to some incredible prizes donated by the likes of AL Kemnnedy, Shaun Hutson, John Finnemore, Rodney Matthews, Denise Mina, Big Finish, and many more we managed to not only beat our target fo £5,500 but by the time outside donations came in we shattered it. SM Marketing, and the Phoenix Club thanks everyone who took part in this, and congratulations those who won prizes.

Stuart Mitchell, Marketing Director of SM Marketing says: “Thanks so much to everyone who took part, this was an unknown for us, haviong not been involved in this type of campaign before but working with the people at the Phoenix Club, and Inchgarth Community Centre has been a joy and we are is looking at more ways we can work with Phoenix Club in the future. and help to safeguard the future of this hugely important resource.”
There are still a series of auctions to be run with the prizes donated by some very kind people, we will post more news of them as we put them live at the ened of the month.


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