The Phoenix Club

The Phoenix Club

We started working with Inchgarth Community Centre as part of our Social responsibility Programme in late November 2016. the first thing we looked into was how to raise funds for the Phoenix Club.

The Phoenix Club is a respected social group for adults with learning and physical disabilities in Aberdeen, Scotland, that has been in existence for some 40 years.

The Phoenix Club Christmas Dinner

After many successful years running in Torry, following the retirement of its long term leader Pam Gallant, in order to stop the club closing Inchgarth Community Centre stepped in with a plan to ensure its long term survival. The club is now under the management of Inchgarth Community Centre but the focus remains: to deliver social, friendship, fun and learning opportunities for the club members to enrich their lives.

The core remit of the Phoenix club is to promote inclusion, equality and confidence whilst giving the members a safe environment to meet friends.

Speaking to Paul O’Connor MBE the man who runs Inchgarth Community Centre he told us hoew much it cost to run the Phoenix Club Annually, approx £5,500 so we made that our target, a years worth of funds.

We created a site on Just Giving and started fundraising. We decided early on that we would try to do a number of raffles each costing £10 to enter so that those donating could win a prize. I approached a number of authors and companies to donate prizes, we were very lucky to hqve authors AL Kennedy, Denise Mina, Shaun Hutson and John Finnemore offer us characters in their next work.

As well as that we were given prizes by Big Finish, Jamie Anderson, Michael Morpugo, Rodney Matthews, Kathy Reichs and many others.  Others such as bestselling authors Kim Newman, Paul Cornell, Marcus Sedgwick and Russell T Davies all contributed directly.

By the end of the campaign we had smashed the amount we were aiming for with more money still coming in, the main campaign stopped at over £6,000 and we had received many donations as a direct result of the campaign, as well as still money to come in, whcih should take the total considerably higher. The campaign itself received over 150,000 impressions on twitter.

Some of the press we received

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